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Firefly Counselling is a small group of very experienced clinicians who work together to meet client needs.  Each clinician has specialized training in one or more areas.  While all our clinicians can handle the most common mental health concerns (e.g. general depression, anxiety, communication challenges, stress management, parenting...), we can also offer expert service in specific areas.  This means that clients requiring specialized therapy can often be helped "in house".


For example, a couple may come in to work on communication issues with Donna.  During therapy the couple may realize that their 3-year-old's constant waking up at night and daytime behavioral challenges are contributing to the couples communication challenges.  Karin can work with the parents and their 3-year-old to figure out how to help their child sleep at night, and be easier to deal with during the day.  In another example a person may bring their 10-year old in to work with Stephanie on parent-child relationship issues.  During the course of treatment the parent may realize that trauma they experienced as a child is impacting how they parent, which is resulting in the parent-child conflict.  The parent can then work with Karin on resolving the historical traumas, which helps with their current parenting skills.


Another way that Firefly counselors work together is to help separating and divorcing couples work together on co-parenting the children.  Each parent may work with a different therapist to help them process the many emotions that go with separation / divorce (e.g. anger, depression, loneliness, anxiety, fear, out of control behaviors...).  At the same time, through our unique co-parenting plan approach, each parent will also work with their own therapist to figure out how to manage custody, visits, holidays, recreational activities, school, health decisions, and the many other aspects of co-parenting.  When everyone is ready, the parents and therapists meet together to finalize the co-parenting plans.  This approach works very well for parents who have trouble talking to each other, or parents who find many of their fights and emotional upsets occur around dealing with their ex-partner in a parenting role. If need be, these plans can be submitted to the courts as part of a divorce settlement.