At the beginning of 2016 the Psychologists Association of Alberta raised the recommended fee schedule for psychological counseling from $180 to $190/hour.  This increase during times of recession does not seem right to the clinicians at Firefly Counseling.  So we took a vote, and even the corgis decided to cut back on treats so that we could roll back our rates to $165/hr.  That is a savings of $25/hour from the recommended rate.  You will still get the same, high level of quality care from clinicians each with 15+ years of experience, it will just cost a less.

Fee Schedule for 2017

  • $165 / fifty minute session
  • Individual Therapy / Couples Therapy / Family Therapy
  • $40 / (max two hour session)
  • Group Therapy (per person) 
  • $165 / hour
  • Report Writing / Letter Writing (1 hour minimum)
  • $165 / hour
  • Psychometric Assessment (Academic, Cognitive, Parenting)
  • $175 / hour
  • Custody / Access & Legal / Forensic Assessment
  • please contact us directly
  • Expert Witness