Nisse - Greeter and Cuddler (Pet Therapy)


Nisse is a tricolour Pembroke Welsh corgi - the same kind of dog as the Queen of England has.  She looks somewhat like an 11 inch tall German Shepherd, but without a tail and with really short legs.  Her grandmother and her mother both met Queen Elizabeth.  The Queen asked to meet Nisse's relatives because of the therapy work a corgi housemate named Lou did with people suffering from depression and anxiety.

Therapy Dog - Animal Assisted Therapy

Nisse is a calm corgi.  She rarely barks.  Sometimes she yodels.  Mostly Nisse likes to curl up at people’s feet, or better yet on their laps and given them corgi hugs.  Nisse is a trained therapy dog.  When she is not providing animal assisted therapy she loves to retrieve tennis balls.  At home she keeps her owner and other corgi housemates in good order.  Recently, Nisse became an aunt to a litter of 7 corgi puppies. One puppy, Cohen, has been "kept on" as a potential future therapy dog, and he may join the staff at Firefly in a late 2017 as his training progresses.

Nisse primarily works during the hours Karin is in the office (although she is often visiting clients in the waiting room between sessions).

Nisse provides pet therapy out of our southside Edmonton office