New Clients

First off we would like to thank-you for giving us a phone call!  We value all our clients and want them to get the most out of their therapy time.  To do this, we book all our new clients after an initial free 10 minute consultation over the phone.  We want to be sure that we can help you, and if we do not think we can provide the service you need, we will refer you to a clinician who can.  That 10 minute phone call lets us know which clinician is likely going to be the best match for you, lets us answer any questions you might have about the therapy process, and gives us a chance to get to know you so we can have the right resources on hand for when you arrive.

Returning Clients

Your clinician will provide you with an opportunity to re-book at the end of each session.  We understand that sometimes it is hard to know next week's schedule (much less two or three weeks out), so you will also be provided with our direct contact information (phone, email, and text message).  You can also use our online booking service.  This way you can easily re-book follow-up appointments.