ChilD PsycholoGist - Edmonton - Child Therapist

Children may exhibit psychological distress differently than adults.  In the same way that a pediatrician has special training to medically treat children, a child psychologist or child therapist has advanced training in working with children that a regular counsellor does not.  The advanced training is necessary because children's brains do not work like adult brains.  Kids see and understand the world differently than adults. 

Because of how much brain development goes on during childhood, children of different ages often require therapy designed for their age group.  If you think about it, talk therapy is hard for 3-year old (it might also be hard for teenagers, but for different reasons).  As a result, it is also important that your child see a child therapist with specific advanced training for your child's age and level of development.  Clinicians at Firefly Counselling have advanced training working with children with many mental health and behavioral difficulties.  Karin is a child therapist for children ages 0-5 years, Stephanie counsels school age children and teenagers, while Donna provides adolescent therapy to help teens successfully transition into adulthood.  

What can a therapist help my child with?

  • attention and focus issues

  • learning difficulties

  • anxiety / worry

  • attachment difficulties

  • dealing with family violence

  • reckless behavior

  • academic pressure

  • argumentative

  • trust breakdown

  • not sleeping

  • grief / loss

  • trauma

  • poor communication

  • substance use / abuse

  • impulsiveness

  • low self-esteem / low self-confidence

  • emotionally reactive

  • feeling overwhelmed

  • aggression

  • shyness

  • disobedience

  • negative peer pressure

  • overly clingy

  • parental separation / divorce

  • depression

  • withdrawal / shut down

  • poor planning / poor organization

Developmentally Appropriate Child Therapy Approaches


Ages 0-5 Years


Primary School Age 5-12 Years

  • Play Therapy

  • (Expressive) Art Therapy

  • Sandtray Therapy

  • Music Therapy

  • Attachment Therapy



Teenagers 12-18 Years

Karin is a psychologist for Children 0-5 years

Stephanie is child and teen therapist CERTIFIED IN ART, MUSIC AND PLAY THERAPY